DashER Data Transfer Procedure


This sheet is going to go over something a that a lot of customers have trouble understanding. Once they understand how this works it will make transactions easier for both you, the employee and the customer. What we’re referring to is the fact that we at the phone store are only here to process account changes in the system, sell devices, and process accessory sales. That’s basically our entire official job description. All that other stuff is just to make people feel good so you can up sell them. Since we don’t care about money here our policy is to teach customers how to do all the stuff they feel entitled not to have to do themselves. This sheet will describe our procedure for transferring data from one phone to another. It can serve to help you learn how to do it and the customer as well. Feel free to make a copy of this sheet and send the customer off with one if they feel they still aren’t ready to handle this extremely simple task after you explain it to them. We have found that it isn’t an inability to learn that holds customers back, but a conscious decision not to. One of our mottos here is: If you don’t know how to use it, why are you paying $1000 for it? Now, not everyone is like this; some are just not privy to some things and that’s okay. If you get a customer that just doesn’t know this exists, they should have no problem taking to it.

One time, Reggie got a customer that requested a transfer of data for a phone that she didn’t even buy in the store he worked in (generally kind of disrespectful). When he offered to teach her the very simple method, while also acknowledging that it would better serve her time constraints, she flew into a rage and made a comparison with her job to try and explain why he was in the wrong. “I help give people c-sections at my job! So how bout I just start tellin people to do it themselves??” Now because of the stores policies Reggie could not provide this customer with the best service possible because they didn’t allow him to explain what a horribly false equivalency that was, and thus could not help make her a better customer. Luckily, it worked itself out as she must have thought Reggie was bluffing when he said it could take a while, as eventually she asked him to show her how it was done and then left to do it for herself. We hope to avoid situations like that here at DashER, so don’t forget what you learned in your training when dealing with problem customers.

This sheet will cover a universal method. There are three brands that have a specific and better method of transferring data. Because of their specificity this sheet takes priority, but those will be to come. This will still be as effective as anyone will need.

Step 1:

Search whatever app store both of their devices has for an app called “Copy My Data”. We realize it may sound like a trap because it’s very on the nose, but rest assured, it does what it says it does. It isn’t depicted above, but the green button that says “open” will say “download” if they don’t have the app. For simplicity’s sake they can return here once it’s downloaded to click the “Open” button to launch the app. Alternatively, they can find the app on their home screen, or in their app drawer.

Step 2:

Once you open the app you’ll arrive on this page. Hit the next button. If before you can hit next it will ask for permission to access various things. Allow it to do so for anything you want to transfer.Remember to do this on both devices. Do not forget! Often if you simply read what is on the screen you can understand what it is asking of you. Do not be detoured by every new thing you see. All you have to do is read, and execute.

Step 3:

(The next few steps may seem repetitive. We’re not phoning 😉 it in, it’s just so very very simple.) Once you hit next you’ll arrive on this page. Hit “To or from another device over wifi”. You don’t have to hit next. It will move on it’s own. Remember to do this on both devices.

Step 4:

Once you hit “To or from another device over wifi” you’ll arrive on this page. You’ll see each device on the other’s screen. Select the visible device on either one and both should proceed. We recommend making this selection on the old phone for simplicity in the next step.

Step 5:

Once you select the device you’ll arrive on this screen. If you’re making the selection on the phone currently possessing the data you want to transfer as suggested you will hit: “Copy data to selected device”. This should advance them both automatically. If you’re making the selection on the device you wish to send the data to then select “Copy data from selected device.” To put it simply: Usually, old is from, and to is new.

Step 6:

Once you make the selection you’ll arrive on this page. Type the 4 digit code you see into the other phone.

Step 7:

Once you type in the code you’ll arrive on this page (On the old phone). Select all that you wish to transfer. This is all that this app will allow, but it is usually all everyone is looking for. Once your selections are made, hit next.

Step 8:

Once you hit next the phones will go into the transfer process. Do not touch them! If the app is interrupted you’ll have to start over. It will save each category as they complete. It will tell you when it’s finished.

That’s It!

Yep that’s really all it takes. If anything we embellished here a little to make it as clear as possible. We recommend transferring your contacts first, and then transferring everything else overnight or during some period when you wouldn’t touch your phone.

We will leave copies of this around the store for you to view and give to customers, feel free to give one to any friends or family. The more people that understand this the better!

Now get out there and serve those customers by helping them be better customers!

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