Malled To Death!

This page is dedicated to my new game (and a featured project for my ENGL 4832 class). This is actually an idea I’ve had for quite some time. It’s not finished at the moment, but here is a prototype for what I have so far. a very hard ‘demo’ if you will.

Because this is an old Idea I will likely keep it going beyond the scope of the class I’m making it for. There are plenty of retail stories to be told I’m finding out so I could probably add scenarios to this indefinitely.

The final product will feature an acknowledgements page, and a log of my progress in making it, if you find that kind of thing interesting (also cause it’s for class).


In this visual EPIC you play a hero in the dystopian reality of present day retail employment, and what it takes to survive in such a world. Can you make it in this hopeless cycle or will you be…

Public Domain image of a mall from Unsplash

Click to download Malled to Death 1.0 for PC

*Depending on the version of your OS you may not be able to play it. I’m really sorry! I’m looking for a better way to make it available.