Malled to Death Credits

I wasn’t able to learn how to incorporate a credits scroll in the game before it was time for it’s first release, so I hope this suffices for the time being.

Made with

  • Ren’Py, a free use visual novel creator.
  • Gimp a free use image editor.

Character Design


  • All background images excluding “back” (representing the Just in Case Break room), “tbc” (the to be continued screen), and “black” (the fully black background) are free use images found on
    • “gameover”, “end”, “thumbnail”, and “home n” were edited by Me
  • “tbc”, and “black” were made by Me
  • The breakroom image “back” is an image purchased from Shutterstock.
  • All background images were given size adjustments by Me


  • All current story threads were created my Me based on real life events.