Patrick Seitz, the Voice of Champions

Screenshot of Patrick Seitz’s twitter bio

I’ve been a fan of Patrick Seitz’s since probably 2008 or 9. I first learned of him as the voice of Ragna the Bloodedge, the protagonist of the BlazBlue series of fighting games. Since then he’s gone on to voice a large cast of well recognized characters in anime and video games, not all of them reluctant heroes like my boy Ragna. But whether he portrays friend or foe the man himself stands for the betterment of people.

One common trait in the characters he voices is strength; overwhelming and unflappable strength. Of the 5 listed in his bio that I recognize, 4 of them are known for their immensely high levels of power in their universes, and there are many more that are not listed. Many of those characters are also known for their never ending tenacity, another kind of strength; strength of will. I know this may not mean much to some people, but bear with me.

The theme of strength also extends to characters that he himself favors. Just look at this tweet of his showing his 4 favorite superheroes, this may be a little more familiar to some than anime and video games.

tweet by Patrick Seitz

All Captain America; a character known for both his strength and tenacity.

Patrick Seitz takes on these roles; kills these roles, because he is strong. And in addition to creating a positive fun loving environment with his twitter he uses his strength to fight for and encourage others.

He doesn’t use many hashtags, but many of his tweets are of him speaking out in favor of those who have less through tweets of his own and retweets. Here are a couple examples.

From Patrick Seitz’s twitter
Retweet from Patrick Seitz

What matters to Patrick Seitz is people. Being a well known figure in the communities he’s a part of makes that sick voice of his all the more heard. Because it doesn’t matter what the issue is. We are all people, and we need each other to survive, that’s why I’m glad to have someone like Patrick Seitz who could just do his job, enjoy his free time, and keep to himself, instead utilize his platform in defense, and for the empowerment of others.

Tweet from Patrick Seitz

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