Random Facts About Me

Name one mundane struggle you face?

That would be deciding whether to like the way I look, or like the taste of the food I eat.

I have a relatively unique defect with my eyesight (it ties in I promise), and from what I can tell my other senses are more potent. I’m not daredevil or anything, but I do tend to gather more than the people around me using any given sense except sight. That said, taste really really matters to me, when I eat food, and sweets just taste so damn good! One day I’ll pull a Rob McElhenney and go from fit and not toned to cut, but in the mean time…

Is that Pokemon you were playing in the background?



Ahem! As I was saying… Yes it is! My hobbies include video and board/tabeltop games, writing, I read some, watching tv, and movies, ballroom dancing, playing sports, doing obstacle courses, no stranger to walks and hikes, martial arts. I wouldn’t really say it falls under hobbies, but generally there isn’t much I don’t like to do. I’m just trying to enjoy my time here. It’s only worth what you get out of it after all.

Do you have any pets?

I do! This is my dog Blackstar! He may look like a cat, but he’s just a dog in a cat’s body. I love this big baby to death. He’s a g’boy. I actually have two cats, but my other cat, Milkshake lives at my dad’s house. She’s an outdoor cat, and a badass. We’re more like friends since she don’t need no man. I don’t have access to any of my pictures of her sadly, but she’s a cutie just like her baby brother here.

What’s your greatest accomplishment so far?

I’m a 2012 national champion. My senior year of high school I was captain of our JROTC mixed raider team, and we won 4th place in the rope bridge event at nationals that year. Yeah, nothing this big in the last eight years; not to me at least. This win was extra big though, as my vice captain and I were butting heads in practice before we made our way to the competition, and we had an especially hard time because we didn’t have any subs for our ladies so they all had to do every event with no significant rest in between. As our leader I joined them (I probably would have done every event either way for bragging rights, and of course because I was the leader). Some stupid mistakes were made during some events but the rope bridge was like magic. Everyone did their job more smoothly and quickly than I’d ever seen before. We had one of our fastest times of the season, and this was over an 80 foot(wide) ravine instead of 30 feet of grass. I honestly miss this time in my life. It was basically a gym membership that I got school credits for, and though we don’t interact much, if at all now, the camaraderie we shared was one of the best feelings I’ve had in my life. So this is what I’m most proud of so far. (I’m the guy standing behind the dude holding the trophy. To the right of the woman in the blue shirt. That’s probably an easier description. heh).


Color: Gray! Yes, pretty mundane. Of all the vibrant hues that exist I picked the dullest one. I don’t know why I just dig it.
Snack: Oreos. I think you’re familiar with this one.
Movie: You can’t see the title there (thanks google), but it’s Baby Driver. I defaulted to the dark knight until I saw this one but I never really had a favorite before this. I felt a lot of pressure to consider a movie from before my time as my favorite from people, but old or new, I’ve never seen a movie I liked more than this one right here. Great actors, great music, great dialogue, the blending of sight and sound, ALL REAL DRIVING.
Video Game: Yep, I’m a big ol’ nerd. It’s Final Fantasy XIII. This game catches a lot of shade for how linear it is for the majority of the game, but lemme tell you: I’ve played a lot of games, and if I’m left to my own devices I’ll find a way to grind and become too godlike for the game to be of any challenge to me. In addition to the beautiful world, music, and interesting, and badass characters (and voice actors), this is the most difficult game I’ve ever played, because it gives you a set of tools and you gotta figure out how to use them. It has no difficulty settings, and no real way to grind and become stronger than the current challenge for most of the game; it’s just do or die. And it does open up eventually and when it does there are an absolute host of intense battles waiting for you to reach their level. I still have a PS3 for this game alone.

Fast food joint: Raising Cane’s. Best fast food I’ve ever had. If you’re buying me a gift and don’t know what to get me, get me a Cane’s gift card. I will use it.
Food: Burgers! they’re just so damn tasty, what can I say?
Flavor: Vanilla. Some coworkers were asking people this and they got to me, and said: “And don’t say vanilla. Vanilla is the most boring, most basic flavor.” And to that I said: “I like vanilla so much my own skin tried to turn white.” As I am albino. Though only partially; specifically I’m an albinoid.
Song: Time by Utada Hikaru. Like movies I didn’t really have a capitol F favorite song, until very recently. Utada does a lot of the songs for the video game series Kingdom Hearts, and I was listening to her beautiful music one day and this newer song came on and I fell in love. It’s in mostly Japanese, but the music, the tempo, everything about it is R&B! R&B being my favorite genre of music, mixed with the beauty of the Japanese language, and Utada Hikaru’s voice is just the perfect song in my ears.
Book: I’m gonna be honest and say I haven’t read many. I”ve read more than I can count on my appendages, but less than 50 for sure. Due to this, I don’t have one so far. A best I have a favorite manga series (yes they count), and that’s Rave Master by Hiro Mashima.
Sport to play: Football, but It’s been a loooooong time since I have because part of succeeding is not being able to be taken down which I excelled at, but when you get to be in about high school, and start having responsibilities, no one really wants to play full contact football without pads, which isn’t something people just have access to.
To Watch: MMA tied with ESports. If you think ESports doesn’t count, the fact is: They may not be physical athletes, but they are the apex of skill in their respective competitive sphere. Generally speaking, everyone has the potential to do what they do, but not everyone has put in the work to do so. If I could pay my bills by winning video game competitions I absolutely would.

Anything to add?

No person could ever give you more than a taste of who they are in an internet bio, and honestly I don’t think I even did that much because this was a bunch of random stuff, but then again I’m probably a pretty random person, so maybe I did after all.

Here’s one more fact: I do not photograph well. I’m like the opposite of people that show older/better pictures of themselves than they look at present.

How do you say goodbye?


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