Update! 02/17

So, this was supposed to be a joyous post because, though it’s been a week or two since I’ve gotten a real post out I have been working on stuff. I had some things come up, a covid scare, my birthday, job hunting, so it wasn’t easy to put a post together, and I haven’t really made it to the point where I’ve got rainy day posts yet. To be honest, no one looks at this site yet, as far as I know so I let myself off the hook. I mean all those things I mentioned before were real, I’m just not beating myself up for missing the time. I do want to get on a real posting schedule starting once a week and then maybe more. I’ve been compiling ideas of shorter things that I can do, like sharing some of the contents of my dream journal and such. Anyway so I don’t end on a bad note, I’ll start with what’s frustrating me.

I honestly do not like WordPress’ editor. When I’m making a post I do not like the default font size, but now it seems I can’t change it, I even installed a different editor, and no luck. So, I’m sorry if you’re reading this post in an uncomfortably tiny font. I’m hoping the issue gets fixed and I can come back and edit the size ASAP. This is not even my only problem with the WP editor, but I won’t get too into it here.

The good news that I wanted to say is that I’ve updated MTD once again. It now contains music and sound effects, as well as some dialogue fixes and changes. I’ve still got a few things to do before I can start scripting any new days for it, but more MTD will be on the way eventually.

One of the things I’m working on in particular is drawing. I’m very bad at being creative visually, so I figured I can improve that by at least learning what I can about drawing. Even if I have zero talent for it in the end I can still pick up the skill aspects of it, and hopefully be able to give life to some of my ideas visually as well. This would also allow me to make some other aspects of MTD myself, rather than me having to rely on other people (which is how I usually prefer to do things). And to prove that I’ve been doing something in my time of not posting I’ll drop the beginnings of my venture into drawing at the bottom of this and go ahead and sign off here.

Farewell for now!

I was told geometric shapes and understanding light sources and shadows was the best place to start. How’d I do?

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