Where am I going with this?

Hi! I’m Reggie. You may know me pretty well already if you read a bunch of random facts about me before this post, since that one’s already an option I won’t talk about who I am much in this one.

At any given time there are a million thoughts and at least two different stories brewing. Seriously, you could probably ask me “What are you writing in your head right now?” and I’ll have an answer for you. My main focus is a fantasy series I’ve been developing since 09 maybe longer. I’m on draft three. Most of that probably won’t end up here, but maybe if I somehow build a fan base and it’s requested. What will go on this blog (outside of class mandated assignments) is continuations of a series of retail satire short stories I write on occasion. Like me what shows up here could be pretty random. I kind of want to experiment with different genres and things too, to improve my range. There will also be class assignments here. I’ll probably leave them, because they’ll be other types of practice, and folks’ll get to see some other kinds of things, and maybe it’ll broaden my horizons. Lastly, some of what I’ll post on here will just be analysis of story elements some things big some things small, all of them random and unrelated to one another most likely.

Creativity was the first sort of talent I found I had as a kid, but it doesn’t apply to visual stimuli, so I’m stuck having to write all of my ideas, but I’ve gotten pretty good at it, so I’ve been told. My ultimate goal would be to turn my fantasy series into a netflix show or anime, and/or write for TV shows, video games, etc. So I’m starting with this to put myself out there, and try to improve. It’s also a way to be able to sort out my ideas, like I said there are too many things turning over in my mind every second, so this gives me another outlet to dump them. Hopefully myself and others too can find something worthwhile in the chaos.

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