Yet Another Storm Brews

So I have a project coming up that is for a class but it’s a topic that I do care about. Can you guess what it is…? You’re right it’s retail. Look at you ya genius!

I haven’t exactly quantified my ideas yet so I’m doing that here and try to get a concrete idea of what I want to do. The main swarm of ideas are as follows:

  • Define dystopia, and prove how retail work fits into its qualifications.
  • Tell the stories of people who have experienced abuse as a retail employee.
  • Incorporate some kind of interactive chart that can exist long term to create on-going present data of how people feel about retail.
  • Tell a story.

So far feedback has included a book recommendation that includes stories such as the one(s) I’m trying to tell, and a parallel to video games. Let me tell you; I like this video game idea. I really do. You see the DashER training module? That was a project for a previous class that was pretty similar to this one and it started out as a text based game with multiple endings and all that. It evolved a lot, but I really liked the idea of doing something like that to tell retail stories. It’s so fitting, because for one many of the stories are already told, and it would be a good way of showing different ones, it would also be a good way of showing how small choices can lead to big differences in the course of a person’s life. It also makes the project much more engaging.

One of the things that held me back in making one was that it turned out to be a lot of writing. Not so much that I wasn’t able to get it done eventually, but there are some limits in what I can do for this project. I don’t exactly know how I would say all I need to in a text based game in under 1500 words, though I may have some leeway. I’ll ask, because I do want to do something like this, and it being brought up after I had scrapped the idea once already feels like the proper second chance.

I wouldn’t mind expanding on this outside of the scope of school. I do want to get my writing out there. I’m going to try to find a way to start small, then I can go all out later.

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